Myapprack is a store of web application myapprack
containing fast, reliable and well maintained softwares.

Myapprack store is maintained by Cyber ICT Technologies (Pvt.) LTD.

  • Each application are developed with keeping the view of client's most common requirements.
  • The softwares we provide here are highly secured with multiple layers and login system.
  • All softwares provided here are built using VIEwoNLY Framework.

MyAppRack.com is a platform for various cloud-based software applications that are put together for our valued customers. These apps are designed and developed using VIEwoNLY framework (https://viewonly.dev), a PHP-Based Rapid Application Development framework.

All apps are secure, stable and with user-friendly interfaces that make these apps robust and famous among the business community. Most of the apps are there for HealthCare domain.

Currently following apps are show-cased on MyAppRack.com app repository:

  1. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  2. Regulatory Information Management System (RIMS)
  3. Human Resource Management System (HRMS)
  4. Hotel Management System (HMS)
  5. Quiz Management System (QMS)
  6. Electronic Diary Management System for Lawyers (eDiary)
  7. Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)
  8. Land Management System (LMS)
  9. VIEwoNLY Framework for Rapid Application Development

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